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, rebecca brooks could play a key role. she was the fire wall between the public's fury and murdoch's family. now that she's an exmurdoch employee. >> can rebecca brooks bring someone else down. >> it's hard to see brooks having any interest in bringing anyone else down. she will fight very hard to clear her name. >> reporter: sarah smith says that's because brooks still values her ties to the murdochs or may have an eye on a editor job elsewhere. he won't comment on reports that she has several million dollars coming in severance pay. the list of casualties appears to be inching closer to the powerful ruling family. paul stevenson and john yates have resigned over their handling of the scandal. there was eddy colson out as prime minister david cameron spokesman this year, arrested earlier this month. last hint in chief checktive of dow jones and publisher of the wall street journal is gone. news of the world has been shut down. many observers say john murdoch, is on the firing line. it may come down to where else james murdoch's prints can be found. >> james murdoch has made it clear he pa
the highlights and accounts coming up later in sports wrap. >>> rebecca brooks is free on bail tonight. brooks is a close confidant of murdoch. brooks was in charge of news of the world when she allegationly bribed police about tips on celebrities and politicians. news corp. has since shuttered that paper. >> with hindsight i wish we had handled some matters in this differently. i didn't and that's that. >> reporter: hours after brook's arrest, the head of scottland yard he finally resigned. he says they wish they would have done something differently. the police have come under fire for failing to investigation the phone hacking issue thoroughly back in 2006. executives are expecting a grilling by parliament on wednesday. >>> teenagers from around the country are enbarking on a cross cultural mission. >>> one of southern california's busiest freeway is back open today. >>> and the changes drivers will notice starting tomorrow. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. >>> 32 teenagers from around the u.s. are in san francisco tonight. but likely too excited to sleep, tomorrow they head to japa
resigned. rebecca brookes oversaw news of the world. brookes says she's leaving because staying put would put the company at risk. here in the u.s., news corp owns the fox network and the wall street journal. >>> an emergency meet willing be held today in a civil defamation suit. anthony falsely told police the little girl was a nanny with the same name. gonzalez is asking the court to force anthony to be questioned. anthony will not attend today's hearing. >>> for thousands of devoted harry potter fans this morning the end of an era. it turned out in full wizardry galea for the midnight premier of the eighth and final harry potter movie. the first book was published in england back in 1997. that spawned a worldwide phenomenon that capture and influenced the generation that grew up with harry, ron, and hermione. >> the mug l world is out there and we are the wizards. >> there is a lot of themes in the book about friendship and love and good verses evil. >> fandago reports more than 6,000 theaters sold out. >>> family and friends of michelle le will launch another search today for the miss
and the assist taftant commissioner today have resigned. this is after rebecca brooks was arrested on friday. brooks along with murdoch and his john james will all be ordered to testify tomorrow. >> for my part, what i would say is this -- we've taken very decisive action. we've set up a judicial inquiry that can look at all aspects of this issue. >> the prime minister is also fielding questions about his own judgment in hiring former news of the world eddieder andy -- candy kolson. he's resigned. >>> hamid karzai attended the funeral today for one of his closest advisers. this is video of him today at the funeral. two gunmen killed the karzai adviser and the parliamentaryian he was meeting with. this is the second funeral karzai has attended in less than a week. his half brother was killed last week in southern afghanistan. >>> general david petraeus handed over command of american and coalition forces in afghanistan to general john allen this. is video of the handover ceremony in kabul today. petraeus steps down after one year in charge of the more than 140,000 international troops in the
. >> reporter: rebecca brooks told the economy the allegations are coherent. >> i would agree that after the evidence we acted promptly and quickly. >> reporter: brooks resigned last week. the company publishing news corp. uk newspapers. british authorities arrested brooks over the weekend on charges of hacking. brooks said she never knowingly o. okaed a bribe. ktvu is a fox affiliate however we are privately owned and not operated by fox news or news corp. >>> oakland police say they have detained two men who they believe may have been connected to a body that was found burning in the street in the rock ridge area of oakland. officers with the gang task force spotted the man on mcarthur boulevard this afternoon. officers set up a perimeter in the area and called in a helicopter to help with the search. both suspects were caught within the hour. >>> five suspects in the shooting of a german tourist in san francisco pleaded not guilty to murder charges today. 50-year-old shorer was caught in the cross fire last august when a fight broke out outside a private party on mason street one bloc
's cross word puzzle mocked rebecca brooks who was the paper's editor when the incident occurred. she has since been promoted to editor. >>> an oakland police sergeant speaks out about his involvement and the murder of the invest of a bay area murder. >>> and new versions of the iphone and the -- and when new versions of the iphone and the i pad might hit stores. >>> for more than two years the lead homicide detective in the assassination of bay area journalists chauncey bailey has been forbidden to talk publicly about the investigation. today for the first time you will hear handmire explain his role. >> reporter: none of oakland police sergeant darwin longmire has received more attention than the chauncey bailey investigation. until now, the police department had forbidden him from talking about the investigation. longmire sat with us. >> the abandonment by the police department and those who look after those who work under the division. >> reporter: one of the questions we asked was about the decision to allow confessed chauncey bailey killer broussard to talk alone and unrecorded with
. >>> the phone hacking scandal continues for rupert murdoch and news corps. london police arrested rebekah brooks today. brooks led murdoch's news international division, until this past friday when she resigned. she is facing charges for phone hackings that targeted celebrities, the families of 9/11 victims, as well as the royal family. rupert murdoch took out full page ads yesterday, saying we are sorry for the scandal. even more ads today, saying the company will assist the ongoing police investigation. >> british public is engaged sh and i think where they're really concerned about is whether or not the american public is engaged. if that ever happened then yeah, you really should start writing news corps's obituaries. >> the hacking scandal has already brought down one of rupert murdochs executives in the united states. les hinten redesigned on friday. he worked for murdoch in britain when the phone hacking allegedly took place. the committee in charge of making sure all dow jones -- >>> a gunshot victim hopes the spare the life of a man who pulled the trigger. the shooting left him partiall
ago, brooks told parliament "news of the word" mayed -- paid police officers. earlier rupert said he did not know why there was never a followup investigation. >>> san francisco's muni could get a new exective director today. the -- executive director. according to the chronic kell "ed ricin could be put in charge. that's unusual. -- "the chronicle" ed ricin could be put in charge. >>> mayor quan announced the plan to help seaports educate exporters and that will boost america's growth and create jobs. >> this is a win-win for u.s. businesses, for u.s. ports and for our nation's economic health and job growth potential. >> american mayors today have to look at investments and we have to look at exports and we have to look at what we have to sell. >> reporter: the announcement was made in public -- was made in oakland because it's the only container port that exports more than it imports. >>> space shuttle "atlantis" is marking the end of a 30-year odyssey right now as it returns to earth for the very last time. "atlantis" undocked from the international space station just before 11:3
. the former head of the paper rebecca brooks is also supposed to be questioned. brooks has the editor when the alleged hacking of a murder victim's phone happened. >> a lot is riding on tomorrow's testimony. murdoch, his son scheduled to appear. how the scandal may affect his united states holdings. >> reporter: one did he or his top executives know of or condone the illegal hacking and two did the company illegally influence the british police investigation? the former united states attorney said practices law applies plays the parent of fox is american. >> prohibits american companies from using any resources basically to bribe foreign officials for whatever purpose, economic or political or whatever. >> reporter: murdoch had to be unaware of it so get off that hook. >> when you see him doing -- and the corporate heat -- is throwing people overboard oro having them resign. anybody close to the scandal. >> reporter: one problem for fox is it's united states television stations. if the higher ups few what was happening in england and did nothing the licenses for those stations could be
, but said the mission is to provide for american troops. >> news corps executive rebekah brooks was just released on bond. rupert murdoch's protege and former secretary was arrested by scotland yard in the ever growing corruption scandal. brooks was in charge of the tabloid news of the world when reporters alleged lid hacked phone messages and bribed police for tips on celebrities, politicians, even crime and terrorism victims. her release comes following the resignation of the head the scotland yard today. >> ed as commission a carry the ultimate responsibility for the position we find ourselves in. with hindsight, i wish we had judged matters involved in this affair differently. i didn't and that is it. >>. >> at brupt resignation of the head of the scotland yard caught many by surprise. sir paul stephanson felt the scandal would distract from police efforts to prepare for next year's summer olympics in london. >>> the health of egypt's ousted president is causing concern in the middle east after hosni mubarak received a stroke and quickly said the exiled leader suffered dizziness, bu
is mirror dock protege, rebekah brooks -- mirror dock -- murdoch protege, rebekah brooks. we're going to keep watching this hearing and have more for you throughout the hearing. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:15. the republican national committee is asking for an investigation into one of president obama's campaign videos. the video you see here was filmed in the map room of the white house. the rn says the president used a p place of government business for this, which any say is against the law. all money they say should be returned. >>> senator dianne feinstein will discuss efforts to repeal the marriage act as a press conference today. the obama administration has already said it will no longer defend the law in court. flee gay couples will talk about the challenges they face in washington. >>> it is 7:16. the house is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a republican-backed bill that would raise the nation's debt ceiling but the white house is already promising a vee 0 toe. -- a veto to duck, dodge, dismantle. it two essentially require the dismantling of medicar
murdock, his son james and former news international chief executive brooks. they're facing questions about allegations that news of the world journalists working for them illegally eavesdropped on thousands of people and bribed police for confidential usual information. ten people have been arrested in the scandal including brooks and the communications chief for prime minister david cameron. a former news of the world editor. now we could see hearings like this here in d.c. too as the justice department investigating whether the phone hacking extended to the united states. i will stay on top of this for you as murdock's testimony scheduled to begin in about 15 minutes. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, now back to you. >>> breaking news now from san mateo county. the coast guard has just found a 62-year-old missing wind surfer and she is alive. just 15 minutes ago we showed you dramatic photograph of the helicopter above the bay. the woman disappeared last night after going wind surfing along the foster city shoreline. ktvu's tara moriarty was there and is here no
, his son and former news international chief executive brooks will be testifying later facing questions about allegations that journalists working for them illegally eavesdropped on thousands of people. ten people have been arrested in the scandal including brooks and the communications chief for prime minister david cameron former news of the world editor. i will stay on top of it and have more live coverage for you this morning here on ktvu channel 2 news. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, back to you. >>> senator feinstein will discuss the repeal to the defense of marriage act at a press conference today. the defense of marriage act defines marriage as between a man and woman. the obama administration has already said it will no longer defend the law in court. three gay couples will talk about the challenges they've faced at today's event in washington d.c. senator feinstein's repeal bill will be the focus of a senate committee hearing tomorrow. >>> marin county superior court abandoned a controversial plan to put teenage suspects in glass enclosures for court appearanc
. >> reporter: the lawyer for the editor of nicole byrd called rebekah brooks' arrest outrageous but says she will testify tomorrow along with her former boss rupert murdoch and his son. >> she remains willing to attend and answer questions. >> that panel will be the first time they were questioned in public about the scandal. lawmakers hope to learn more. >>> the california attorney general's office is reviewing the wording of a referendum that would repeal a law. kamala harris declineed to comment on the process when we spoke to her office today. her office has to okay the ballot and summary. amazon is backing a petition to get the issue on the ballot. it needs 500,000 voters signatures to qualify chairs of linked in dropped today. it had a public offering in may and traded as high -- today shares closed at $102. down $6. jp morgan said it felt the company was sound but the stock was overvalued. netflix stalks dropped $800 a share. they closed at $279 per share after the company created a firestorm by changing its price structure which will lead to higher rates for customers. >>> and worrie
and former editor rebecca brooks also set to appear at the hearing to answer questions. news of the world shut down last week after accusations of phone hacking and bribery. we'll continue to follow that developing story this morning. >>> the debt show down continues between president obama and republican lawmakers. the president is now promising to veto a republican backed bill that would raise the nation's debt ceiling and make deep spending cuts. the bill would also add an amendment to the constitution forcing the government to pass a balanced budget every year. tea party activists are pushing for passage of the bill. a vote is scheduled to take place in the house tomorrow. >>> time is 4:47. a legal battle over an alaska driver's license is getting national attention this morning. the american civil liberties union is suing the state on behalf of a transgender woman. alaska's dmv had refused to list her gender as female unless she provided documented proof she'd undergone a sex change operation. the aclu contends such a requirement to disclose sensitive personal information is unconsti
brooks ran news of the world. that tabloid paper closed after accusations that it hacked phones belonging to murder e royal family. james murdoch is talking about the scandal. he's the son of rupert murdoch. he plans on running apologies in newspapers all across great britain. murdoch is telling the wall street journal the damage is nothing that won't be recovered. murdoch also said and i'm quoting just getting annoyed i will get over it. i'm tired. >>> the man accused of stealing a picasso will be arraigned in court this morning. we're learning that it looks like this is not his first heist. they found a half a million dollars worth of stolen art work in his new jersey apartment. it includes another picasso reported stolen from a manhattan hotel. >>> tara how is the toll plaza going doing? >> it's doing pretty well. if we take a look here well actually you can see there is a little bit of a backup on the right hand side of your screen. the fast track lanes are moving pretty well. but you are experiencing about five minutes back upright now. this is a little early. so be aware of it as yo
comedian. >>> and his son james along with rebecca brooks the woman who ran the newly defunked news of the world. >> of course i have regrets but the idea that phones were accessed by someone being paid by news of the world or even worse authorized by someone from the news of the world is not known to me. >> murdoch says he has seen no evidence that the paper's employees illegally tapped into the phones of 9/11 victims. murdoch says he is appalled and ashamed for the hacking of phones. but he says he is not ready to take responsibility. >> you are not responsible? who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run -- maybe the people they trusted. >> reporter: murdoch says he lost site of the news of the world because it was less than 2% of his news organization. his son james vowed that the company is responding adds as quickly as possible to try to make things right. >>> and the top contender is someone familiar with the city. the fsm board may put ed richer head of the system. he will be replacing nathaniel ford who left. >>> another austrian city has stripped adolph hitle
murdochs top employees resigned today. rebecca brooks resigned from head of the british newspaper division in charge of the top selling tabloid news of the world when reporters hacked people's cell phones and reported by bribed for information on celebrities, politicians and even 9/11 victims. the scandal spread to the u.s. late today when dow jones ceo ralph hinton resigned, influential publisher of the wall street journal. he previously ran news corp. at the height of the hacking scandal. he says he was ignorant of the misconduct but feels it is proper for him to resign. >>> so it's here, carmageddon. up next a live update from los angeles on the construction project now underway that many fear will cause weekend gridlock. >>> we'll take you to lake tahoe where the extra wet winner has created a somewhat un-- wet winter has created a somewhat unusual situation there. >> we're going to talk about temperatures, slightly warmer than today and a lot of fog, maybe some drizzle for your bay area weekend. from >>> the traffic nightmare southern california has dreaded for weeks has officially be
its summer break. tomorrow a former deputy a top deputy to rupert murdoch, rebecca brooks is scheduled to appear before parliament to answer questions. parliament is scheduled to head off on summer break wednesday but cameron is asking them to delay the break to discuss the phone hacking investigation. >>> former south african president nelson mandela celebrated his 93rd birthday today. and earlier today students in south africa sang a special version of happy birthday before starting his low sons. he's celebrating with his family. >>> you won't need to call the fire department if you see smoke or flames in the hills near wood side later this morning. stanford university are testing some new fire fighting equipment at the jasper ridge biological reserve. they want to test fire retar dents and sue -- retardants and see how they work. it will start at 10:00 this morning and will continue through noon. >>> the talks to end the nfl lockout. todayly be meeting with a federal mediator in new york city. they are very close to a deal that would save this falls pro football season. the nfl seas
of the british division resigned. rebecca brooks is the one that ran news of the world. also this morning james murdoch the son of rupert murdoch is speaking out about this scandal. they plan on running apologies in newspapers all across britain. >>> this just in. more than 30 nations including the united states have decided to formerly recognize libya's main opposition group as the country's legitimate government. secretary of state hillary clinton is representing the united states at talks in turkey. in a statement today they declared moammar gadhafi has no legitimate authority in libya. diplomatic recognition of the opposition means the u.s. will be able to fund the rebels with some of the more than $30 billion in gadhafi regime assets that are frozen in american banks. >>> we are now learning about an attack plan. osama bin laden was working on when he was killed in pakistan. coming up the messages bin laden was exchanging with a senior al qaeda member about an attack. >>> your time is 6:37. california is now the first state in america to require public schools to add the studies of contrib
to delay its summer break so he can brief lawmakers on the phone hacking scandal. rebecca brooks along with murdoch are scheduled before parliament to announce their plans. cameron is asking them to delay the break to discuss that investigation. >>> the standoff in washington, d.c. on how to deal with the federal debt limit moves to the house and senate floor this week. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the latest proposal from republicans. >> reporter: high level talks at the white house appear to have ended for now as house republicans push ahead with a vote on what is called the cut, cap, and balance bill. it would require both houses pass a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion. and cap annual federal spending. it's a largely symbolic bill driven by conservatives that will come up for a vote in the house tomorrow. it has little chance of passing the senate. but republicans want to make the point balancing the federal budget is the top priority. >> the real deal would be an amendment to our constitution
. clear lake will go 95 and kent field 83, hidden brook, 85, pittsburgh 91, walnut creek 88, 75 in oakland, livermore checking in at 90 and the same for morgan hill. 80s in saratoga and san jose 82, 84 wood side, 78 in san mow. the main impact will be the inland temperatures. >>> are you watching your calories? >> no. >> you're not? the finding of a new study of what is on the menu at fast- food restaurants and how it is affecting people's eating habits. >>> and growing pressure on san francisco's mayor. who else is telling him to officially run for the mayor's job. >>> welcome back. time 6:15. senator finestein has joined the push to pick san francisco's next mayor. she's telling interim mayor lee to run for an official four year term in november. and several other groups are urging mayor lee to run the filing deadline is august 12th. but the chronicle is reporting that he may make his decision within a couple of days. >>> california's permanent vote by mail system will no longer be paid forbidden state. election officials in most counties said they'll continue to keep the system in place
95 today, same for ukiah. petaluma, 84. novato 85. vallejo 84. probably closer to hidden brook. 7 as on the coast. there's too -- there's too much. 90 danil --en -- dash danville. >>> morning fog not going anywhere, it will hang around for a while. but inland temperatures will come out and top out friday and take us into the weekend. 8:11. with her words convince him to do it? what senator diane stein fine is -- feinstein is telling ed lee to do but will he do it? >>> it's 58 in corte madera, and fairfax. once the fog burns off, it will be sunny. >>> 8:14. today in afghanistan, the mayor of kandahar was killed in a suicide bomb attack. the bomber hid the bomb inside his turban, then set it off inside city aols hall where the mayor was at a meeting. this comes just days after president hamid karzai's half brother was killed, also in kandahar. the taliban said they committed both of those attacks. >>> the state department issues a tral warning for americans -- travel warning for americans saying al qaeda is planning attacks against u.s. interests all over the world. the u.s. says th
. rebecca brooks oversaw news international the british division of news core. she's leaving because staying would put the company at risk. they closed on sunday after accusations they hacked phones belonging to murder victims, the royal family. the fbi is investigating whether the paper hacked the phones of 9/11 victims. >> new this morning murdoch is issuing a public apology set to be printed this weekend. i realize that simply apologizing is not enough. our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be a positive force in society and we need to live up to this. also british media says they're meeting with the family of a murdered schoolgirl whose found was hacked by the news of the world. >>> our time is 8:57. let's look at the big congestion problems in the south bay. tara. >> reporter: that's right. we have the earlier accident off 880. it has been cleared but the back up still persists and a new accident has popped up on 101. 8:57 here. >>> thank you, tara. on this friday low clouds, some sun but it is staying cool, 60s coast. 70s around the bay and inland. the
-- bribes somewhere totaling around $200,000. rebecca brooks out on bail today, arrested yesterday when she went to see police by appointment and ended up under arrest. questioned for over nine hours on sunday. now her lawyer is saying that she's not only completely innocent but police have questions about serious questions on suspicion of phone hacking and bribery. she's not been charged. >> for my part, what i would say is this -- we've taken very decisive action. we've helped to ensure a large and properly resourced police investigation that can get to the ba tom of what happened and the -- bottom of what happened hand the wrongdoing -- of what happened. the wrongdoing -- >> we're now hearing about in other resignation. >> right. yesterday we had the top cop and this morning, the assistant police commissioner resigned. and it's complicated. "news of the world" was a big tabloid here run by rupert murdoch's empire last sunday. the police are accused of a couple of things, it's not the top guys nasa you will but they are 0 -- necessarily but they are falling on top swords. they may have ta
okay brook elementary school. the delivery driver told police had had just delivered a pizza when he was confronted by five suspects who stole his car. two of the suspects crashed the vehicle and fled on foot. one person was caught. police say a neighbor then reported a teenager trying to break into a vacant rental home. police say he tried to set the home on fire by putting a cutting board on a stove burner. officers put the small fire out and found the teenager in some nearby bushes. >>> we are now learning that one of the men shot in oakland thursday night has died. the shooting happened on 71st. the name of the victim was not released, part of a string of three shootings that left five other people injured. police are still trying to determine if they are connected. >>> oakland firefighters say a grass fire in the oakland hills was caused by a car that overheated. the fire started just after 3:30 yesterday afternoon, in a car on skyline boulevard about a half mile from the space and science center. crews put the fire out a hour later and only one acre was burned. officials say th
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